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Memorial Day Weekend 2011
Beautiful Shrinky Dink Creations from a small craft night this last weekend!
Stamps work great on Shrinky Dinks!
Which came first?

Gearing up for a small craft night this weekend.  We will be doing shrinky Dink jewelry!  Stay tuned for results on Monday.


April 2nd 2011 
Ukrainian Egg Decorating
A Saturday Night Craft Night

What a success!  Good food, good people, and a fun activity for everyone to participate.  My husband even decorated an egg!
The process was new to most everyone.  Ruby and I had a trial run last weekend with success and but other than that we have never played with this craft.  Although I do know quit a bit about the process since the art store I use to work in sold the supplies.  I would instruct a many people how to use the supplies, but had never done it up until now.
The process is simple once you wrap your head around it.  It's very similar to a reduction print if you are familiar with that process.  
You start with applying wax to a hollow egg or full egg, your choice, they both have their pro's and cons.
The first layer of wax you apply will be where white will show on your final egg. So if you want white outlines on everything you do this on the first layer of wax.
You then dip the egg in the lightest color you plan on using, yes, this does take a little foresight.  
Yellow is a good first color since it's so light.  After patting your egg dry from the dye you start applying more wax.  This time you are applying wax to all areas you want the yellow to be on the final product.  
You proceed in this manner through all your colors, lightest to darkest.
At the very end you melt all those layers of wax off your egg to reveal a beautiful creation.
This process is rewarding from the first dip your egg takes in the dye.  The results are fast in dyeing but the applying wax takes a bit virtuous patience.
We had some amazing eggs produced last night.  And here are the pics to prove it!

Applying wax for second, possibly third? dip
We had a little trouble with lack of big candles but the tea lights worked out all right
Niki hard at work
patting the egg dry after it's first dip
Silly Ruby!

Such intricate work

My world, love the Goose Eggs!

My living room is a great make shift work space although it could use better lighting, that is coming sooner than later

Brenna melting the wax off her egg

Brenna brought some very delicious cupcakes in this beautiful carrier.  Everyone fawned over it.

Trista dying her egg

Between Trista and I we had a lot of color choices

My husband made the drying boards under my instruction, I think next time I will have the nails further apart.  Live and learn.

Ruby's final egg is hands down my favorite of the whole night.  I had a hard time capturing it on camera though.  It was very Art Nova.
Ruby's final Egg

Ruby's final Egg
Anna experimented with different techniques.  This process is similar to batiking on fabric that she does a bit of and her techniques transfered beautifully although she said next time she will stick with the traditional Ukrainian process. 

Monique melting wax off her egg

Monique went with her traditional burlesque theme and ended up with a beautiful egg to be very proud of.   

At the end of the night we busted out some nice wire to make findings for the eggs to hang by.  Then I packaged everyones egg up for transport home.
Big thanks to Brenna for providing us with Fresh Goose Eggs!  That was such a treat.
Thanks to everyone for a great evening.

April 1st 2011
This weekend is the Ukrainian Egg Decorating Craft Night.  I should have some great pics by Monday.  Stay tuned!

On Saturday night I had the girls over for a craft night. 

I put a couple of homemade soups on and had wine available for our consumption desires.  As it happened my husbands parents were in town so Mother Henn and her sister in-law joined us.  We had a wonderful time felting it up.  In fact some of us were up till about 1 am.  We were just having too much fun!

At first the idea of felting was a little intimidating for those who are not so crafty or creative.  My friend Ruby, who was unable to attend, had sent me a link to The Purl Bee with step by step instructions for rose clips.  I pulled it up on the computer in the studio and it was used as a reference.  It was a big hit and was great for those who thought they were not so crafty.  We proved them wrong!

Wiggling Wasabi joined us for craft night and was working on some new leg warmers amongst other things.
Monique Is Weird joined us and worked on very creative head bands!

Miss. Alyssa is modeling some of the rose clips fresh off the work bench

I played with the key chain idea for a minute

A collection of the felting I worked on.  The girls agree I need to wear more headbands with my new hair cut

Head band to be.

Alyssa sneaked this one by me.  This is our puppies teeth he has lost in the last few days.  We saved them for Alyssa then she re gifted them on this felt magnet.  

There were a lot of folks who really wanted to felt with us but were unable to make it.  I think I will do another felt night sooner than later.    

All and all it was a very successfulness night.  I know Ruby and I are going to get together this Thursday for more felting since she missed out.  And now that I've been playing with it I have a great idea for one of my Craft Pass it on projects.  yay!


Great Craft Night Idea
Upcycled puzzle turned into a custom creation!

Thursday Feb. 17th 2011

I got a strange text and photo this morning that read as the following:
Craft knight… lol from Bryans friend from Yakima…me name is dan.

After a little investigating I found out my husband was using his co-workers phone since his phone is crap at sending pictures.  
It’s a little hard to see in the picture he sent, but it’s a felt enemy mushroom from Mario Brothers.  I just might have to make one for my husband now.
Looking back, my fist clue that it was from Bryan is the spelling of night or should I say knight.  He can’t spell worth beans.

I went looking for a clear picture of a goomba, as they are called and found this blog.  I love it!

Feb. 9th
Gearing up for the next craft night.  I have decided on Felting crafts.  Created this treasury on Etsy for inspiration.

I'm beginning a new girls night tradition.  But if any guys want to come play they are more than welcome.
I'm open for ideas, I'm thinking paper making for our next craft night.
I will need to collect some supplies first.  Mainly frames and screens, I'm sure if I look around my house and my parents I will find plenty of scrap to put together what I'm looking for.

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