Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Adventures of Photo Emulsion Silk Screening

My first successful photo emulsion silk screen.
Over the last few weeks I have taken on the endeavor of teaching myself how to silk screen with the process of photo emulsion.
I love printmaking, and silkscreening is just another process to create a print, I have done tons of stencile screens but never a photo emulsion.
I had a lot of difficulty along the way.  I struggled with screens not washing out, and when they finally did wash out the whole screen started to wash out, not just the image.
After struggling quite a bit and then doing more research and watching a bunch of videos I figured it out.  My positive image that was printing on a piece of clear acetate (aka film) was not dark enough. 
I'm really excited to move forward with this process.  I have a bunch of images I've been working on and am ready to dive right in!

It was amazing at how fast my screen rinsed out when I finally had all the right components.  I did a happy dance.
Here is the video that finally lead me to my fix on my photo emulsion problem.

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