Friday, May 13, 2011

Musical Clocks

Every clock I have produced has a story behind it.  Whether it’s from my friend’s famous pies or my mother’s craft room, every idea has an origin.  The guitar pick clocks are no different.  In fact music has been a constant theme in my art.  I have always had a passion for music.  If I did not go the visual artist route I would have ventured into the musician world. 

As is my brother went the musician route.  He played the piano as a kid and latter on picked up the guitar.  It is his outlet and passion.  He studies other artist, mostly rock and roll and country, composes his own songs and will play for almost anyone who will listen.  I use to love sitting around after work and sketching while he played.  A couple of years ago everyone pitched in and got him a drum set for Christmas so he could jam with others.  Since then his music room has grown, earplugs are mandatory, and good friends have started to take drum lessons to accommodate.

When I started thinking about clocks I kept my brother close in my mind.  He is not the kind of person who would shop on Etsy, partially because he is a last minute Christmas Eve mall shopper, if not a giver of cash in a store bought card, but mainly because he doesn’t have a computer.  But if I could create a product he liked, then I would be reaching a target audience.  A musical audience!  So when I came up with the guitar clock I gifted him one of the first I made.  It’s still on his wall, made of wood instead of a vinyl record, and all his buddies love it.

The guitar pick clock has come a long way since my first wood prototypes.  I switched to vinyl when I ran out of the scrap wood I had sitting around my studio.  It was a brilliant choice and is very appropriate especially for my musical orientated clocks.  I have many versions of the guitar picks now and can’t seem to keep enough in stock.

I’m always open to custom orders.  In fact I have an uncle who wants me to take a pick of his with a lot of personal memento and use it on a clock for his music room.  I’m more than happy to accommodate, but first he has to get me the pick! 

I’m always playing with new ideas, and thinking of different people in my life.  I never know who will inspire me next. Maybe it will be you!


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  1. I run a non-profit music Academy in an affluent area of Oakland California. This year I am hosting an art fair featuring visual art with a music theme. Some artists will be onsite, each having a 10'x10' space in our 6000sq foot building. The onsite artists would pay a fee for the space and then keep all proceeds from their sales. In conjunction with the artists on site one day, we will also hold a fundraising auction, where we will auction donated instruments, music art and music related items.

    Please let me know if you might be interested in being involved in this event and exploring ideas that would benefit both of us. I believe our community would love to know about your art and that we would be a great outlet to increase your sales and grow your audience. I do not know if you are local and might like to come in person. If not, perhaps you might donate a piece for the auction in exchange for wide advertising and referrals to your site.

    In any case, I am delighted and inspired to have found you and your art and wish you the best in all that you do.

    Musically Minded Academy