Monday, May 23, 2011

Bonjour Cupcake

I hung a small portion of my work this weekend in a local cup cake shop that just opened.  Bonjour Cupcake.  I am guilty of being very supportive of this shop, I can't help it, they are soooo delicious.  And the shop owner has been kind enough to let me hang a few framed prints on her walls.

Setting up for Baby Shower
The shop is a light airy space with beautiful decor.  When I was there hanging my work on Sunday they were setting up for a baby shower.  It's a perfect place for such an event.

I met the shop owner last November at a holiday bazaar.  She approached me and asked me to do a custom clock for her.  She wanted a cup cake clock for her shop she was setting up.  I was more than happy to accommodate her request.

Original custom clock for Bonjour Cupcake
She opened her shop on Arts Walk at the End of April.  Just before opening she called me up to tell me she already had a number of people commenting on the clock and wanting to know where to get one.  She asked me to make a few more for her to hang.

So I have a few on my work bench that are scheduled to be done by the end of Wednesday this week.  I'm excited to get them to her, mainly so I can get another tasty cupcake!
Sneak Peak at cup cake clocks on my work bench
Yummy texture!

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