Friday, June 3, 2011

The Henn Coop!

My husband has been talking about getting chickens since we met.  At every mention of chickens he would raise his eyebrows at me.  I wanted nothing to do with chickens, but since we have the yard and the know how I figured what the hey.
He started the coop a little over two weeks ago and what do you know we already got an egg out of our efforts.  Well it's mostly him.  I helped paint and that's about it.  I did recruit a good friend of his to help, mostly so I could spend the time in the studio creating new clocks!  I'm so thoughtful.
Any-hoo... pictures tell a better story.
The Start
My Goofy Husband

An old dear friend of saved this home made screen door just for us.  It's perfect!

Sailor puppy took care to carry away every scrap of wood that hit the ground

He didn't use any plans, we just looked around at what was already done and winged it.

We have very large raccoons in are area and we made sure to take extra precautions against any infiltrators.

A few of the ladies.  We got five laying hens total.

Waiting for the chickens to come down.

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