Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surf Cabin 2011 in Ocean Shores

Every year a group of my friends rent a cabin/house at the Ocean.  Usually we find a place close to surfing, but this year the house we found was in Ocean Shores WA located on 23miles of canal and only miles from the beaches.  The house was closer to a mansion than a cabin, with beds enough for 12, a Bed and Breakfast type dinning room, a garden Rail Road, and a private movie theater seating 14 with a ice cream parlor.  Crazy!

Our days were spent combing the beach, riding mopeds around town, and paddling the canal.  My days were also spent doing some fabulous water colors.  To see more of the watercolors, follow this link to my Sketch-A-Day Page.

For more pictures of the house.  Follow this link to the Gibson House B&B.

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  1. It's funny how big sailor looks in that picture. I love how your watercolors turned out.