Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What do I do with it now?

Once upon a caffeinated late crafting night just before my wedding last fall, I created a card box that emphasized our desire to have contributions toward fixing up our house instead of typical wedding gifts.  I was very proud of my creation and still am, but now what do I do with it?

What I would love to do with this creation is pass it on to another bride who will use it.  Or possibly a little girl who would use it as a play house.
If you know anyone let me know.  I'm willing to gift this to the right person.


  1. Oh it's gorgeous, and what a good idea. I'd have thought you'd want to stash it away as an heirloom :-)

  2. It's big and a bit cumbersome. but I could wrap it up and stick it in the attic. If I can't find a bride on a budget and in need I just might do that.