Monday, April 4, 2011

Creating a box out of a record album

I have a huge stack of empty record albums since I use the records for clocks.  I have also run into a problem of  packaging.  So killing two birds with one project I've started creating boxes for my smaller clocks.

I start with one regular record album cover.

I split the record album open leaving one side attached.
On the side I have decided I want the bottom to be I measure 1 1/4 inch in and score a line.  I do this on all four edges of the bottom side.
Clear rulers are best for accuracy, the bone folder is used for scoring but almost anything with a point will work.

On the top/lid side I first cut off 1 1/4 inch from the far side since this will be a fold over lid box.
After cutting off the excess I score and fold the three outside sides of the lid, slightly less than 1 1/4inch so the lid will be slightly bigger than the bottoms ensuring room to fit.

After you have done all the scoring and folding then you can make your cuts for your tabs.  Then you apply a little glue or double sided tape to the tabs you just cut.  I use my ATG gun for convince.
Fold the box into it's proper shape with the glue tabs on the inside.  Apply pressure to area glued to insure a strong hold.
In the end you have a neat little box to make packing sooo much easier.

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