Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sneak Peak Prints

Here is a sneak peak at the prints I'll have showing at Olympia's Arts Walk along with my clocks.
Don't forget to come check me out on April 22nd & 23rd @ the White Building down town.
Not only am I showing but I'm pretty much the curator for this phantom gallery I'm putting together.
And my husband asked me last night....why I'm so stressed
Hand colored dry point, it's been a long time since I've done this process.  I had to take some time to relearn my technique. 

I did a larger edition of this reduction print.  I was super excited to do this but a little unhappy with color choice.  It's growing on me though.

I did another edition with my final block in a single color.  This one I hand colored.  I love it.
I did some experimental printing from some of the botched original reduction prints I did.  I love how this experiment turned out.  I'll have to do more, and then I'll have to do a tutorial on it.

Long awaited is my "Borrowers" print.  This is a hand colored print.

I printed two different editions of the dandelion, one in yellow, one in green

This was a proof I pulled, gotta love it.

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