Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Creating temporary walls for a Phantom Gallery

As I put my studio work bench I took some more pics of how the walls stack up to make my work bench.  The legs barely fit with the new addition of the extensions for the lights.  It was like a puzzle making it all fit.

Art Walk Spring 2011 is off to a rocky start.  I was supposed to set up the walls on Sunday which would leave me the entire after work week to set up everything else.  On Sunday I packed up the truck with my husbands help and went down to the space to discover the carpets were just being cleaned from the last tenant.  So I rescheduled the construction of the walls for Monday after work.  Come Monday the carpets were still wet which left us available to play our regular Monday evening soccer game with our friends.  Today, Tuesday, I have my fingers crossed and my husband on notice.  If it’s too wet to set up today the next three days are going to be very, very grumpy.  I am a highly prepared person, but this kind of set back it beyond me.

I want to tell you about these walls.  I built them with the help of my carpenter brother a few years ago when I first started doing this art walk gig.  They work wonderfully to create more wall space and to break up the large space into more manageable sections. 
When not in use they are stored in my work bench.  It’s a win-win situation; my work bench gets taller and saves my back & neck.  And it provides a wonderful space to hide these walls that would otherwise be in the way.
You can see the layers of plywood that makes up my work bench.  there is also a layer of all the 2x4's that make the legs of the walls.  It's such a great hiding place for the walls.
Work bench disassembled to retrieve walls.  Yes my work bench is nothing  but a couple desk and plywood layered over the top. 

The first Art Walk these walls were created for.

simple design yet highly effective 

This year we are adding an extension at the top of these walls so we can mount my track lighting.  Any extra lighting we can get in the space is well worth the effort as there is absolutely no ambient lighting.  This track lighting is the lighting I use in my studio.  So not only did I have to break down my work bench, but I have stripped my work space of all lighting. 

Since I couldn’t set up the walls and my studio is torn up I have been forced to go on a Harry Potter watching marathon.  I figured its appropriate way to relax and get ready to watch the final movie just released.   It’s also a great way to get my husband up to speed; he has never read any of the books or seen the movies.  I on the other hand have read all the books at least a few times over, although it has been some time now.
So until the carpets are dry I will suppress my stress with Harry Potter.  But as soon as those carpets are ready (please, please let that be today after work) then it’s time to do what I do best; organized pandemonium.

Wish me luck.

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