Friday, April 8, 2011


I started framing my prints last night.  I originally bought premade frames from Michaels.  The last time I framed a series I spent some dough and created some amazing works of art with my framing skills gleaned from working in a frame shop.
This time my budget is a bit lower and I am cutting corners.  I'm able to use a few of the frames I originally bought, but on the larger ones I'm running into trouble.  I just cant do it.  Every fiber in my body screamed at me when I put the tiny frame with a tiny mat over my print.  It didn't look bad, but it certainly did not do the print justice.  These prints deserve to be shown off, like a pretty lady in a red dress on the dance floor.
So I'm returning four of the frames and am going to bite the bullet.  I'm still going to purchase pre-made, but of a larger, better quality.
And then I will spent the weekend cutting mats and framing prints.  Oh fun!  Anyone want to volunteer a massage on Sunday night?
My work bench in the middle of a framing weekend  (and my avocado plant thats doing much better)

All and all it was a very productive weekend and I only broke on piece of glass and miss cut one mat.  Luckily both small in size.

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