Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bird Clock Silk Screening!

I've been busy in the studio adding to my bird clock line.  I'm pretty excited about the results!  Silk Screening in this fashion is very similar to mono printing in results, and I absolutely love the way mono prints look.  I cant deny it, I'm a printmaker at heart.
There are a few more to come, like the King Fisher and the Phoebe, they are sitting on my workbench right now patiently waiting for me to get home to take pictures. 
Let me know what you think!

Cork numbers are fabulous, but a pain to cut on my new machine.

Nothing like shiny silver numbers for the king of thieves!

The cork was too  much of a pain to cut so I switched to copper vinyl covered board. 

I have a lot of trouble getting the dark blue to capture correctly.  Need more camera experience.

Shinny black numbers for this appropriately colored Red Robbin clock!
With each screen I print I'm getting better and better results.  Silk Screening is truly a fun process. 

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