Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Little Things

I have recently added a piece of high tech equipment to my studio.  I bought this piece of equipment to help me stream line and perfect the little things in my art and projects.  I have found that in life if you pay attention to the all the little things, the bigger picture lines up a bit straighter.  I’m hoping this idea transfers into my arts and crafts.  The biggest little thing is numbers for my clocks.  So far I have a great start, especially for still being in the learning stage of this machine.  But there are a couple of things I’ve learned so far that has changed my project outline.    

Lesson #1
Fun foam is a witch to cut.  You have to have an extremely sticky mat, and even then the pressure from the wheels makes it bow.  The physical attributes of fun foam is stretchy and flexible, and any intricate cuts end up jagged.  I still managed to get some usable cuts, but I will be searching for an alternative material for the application I am striving for.
Even with all the trouble I had cutting fun foam, I still managed to put something together.  Don't think I'll use it again.  This clock may end up in the seconds box.

Love the way the cork turned out.  Still needs some fine tuning, not bad for the first try though.

Lesson #2
When importing an image from a program like Corel, make sure you cut through the color select tool or have your background translucent to begin with.

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