Monday, March 28, 2011

NW Art and Fine Craft Show

Homework for this weekend was to investigate the Northwest Art Alliance 23rd annual Spring Best of the Northwest art and fine craft show.  I kidnapped a couple of my good friends and headed to Seattle to check this even out.  I call this homework because I am investigating events I am interested in showing in.  It’s hard to say what kind of arts & craft are at these shows.  Sometimes it’s fun unique modern arts and crafts and other times it’s knitting and soap making. 

I was pleased to discover this even was one of the fun modern and absolutely beautiful arts and craft shows.  I could have spent some serious dollars there if I didn’t have any self control.   As is I was very tempted to purchase this cleaver moon pin that I fell in love with.  I will have to nudge someone about this item for my birthday this year.

I talked to many of the vendors, they were all very nice and willing to tell me about their experience with this particular show.  From what I was told it was a brand new director this year and they were doing an outstanding job.  Everything was well organized and the people were easy to communicate with.  I asked about the fall show and discovered that it’s a different location, also a brand new location as of last fall but usually draws just as big of a crowd.

My friends and I showed up in the afternoon and am glad we did so because we were told there was quite a line to get in that morning.  If you were one of the artists I talked to I’d like to thank you for your encouragement you have given me.

Not only did I talk to artist, but I spent some time talking to a group who has just launched a new online marketplace called Meylah.  They are based out of Seattle which is nice compared to the East coast based Etsy.  I will have to dive into their site for homework today, and perhaps I can report on that tomorrow. 

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