Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Studio Possibilities

I love my husband.  I know he has ulterior motives, but I don’t care. 
This last weekend he put more lighting up in my studio and we traded all the bulbs out for natural light bulbs.  WOW! I can see!
I mentioned what a huge difference it would be if I painted the walls white, or some light color compared to the ugly dark fake wood paneling that exists already.  Without missing a beat he agreed to it but not just painting.  He suggested tearing down all the paneling and putting sheet rock up.  He is slowly redoing all the wiring in the house.  The studio has been on his list, but he treads softly because I have made it pretty clear how I feel about my space.  So he jumped real high when the window of opportunity opened.  He even suggested we do it right after Olympia Arts Walk, since that is the next adventure I’m gearing up for.
before additional lighting
From there my mind just went a million miles a minute.  I could then build a better work bench, put cupboards in and get rid of the nasty tiles on the ceiling!  It took awhile before I could force myself to concentrate on the block I was carving.
after lighting was installed 

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