Monday, February 14, 2011

Art Walk Story and Line-Up

Arts Walk is getting closer and I thought I'd share the origin of my Art Walk tradition.

For a day job I work in an Asphalt Rotomill Construction office.  We are a subcontractor who grinds up asphalt for road repair, maintenance and new construction. 
In the winter time it tends to be slow, this affords me time to do projects around the office and research.  One year I even learned how to use Dreamweaver and built the company’s web site.

I work directly with the owners.  They are supper nice fellows who love water sports just like me.  They work hard and play harder, I call them ‘The Boys’.  They are brothers a few years apart.  They bought the road grinding company from their parents many years ago and it has always been a small office.

The Boys also own a couple of building in the downtown area of Olympia.  There is one storefront in one of the buildings that has been vacant for many years.  I list the for rent properties on Craigslist and on the websites, but for the most part it has stayed vacant.
A large, much appreciated work bonus is the use of this storefront for Olympia’s Art Walk twice a year. 

The use of this space has turned me into a gallery curator of sorts.  At first I was just doing two dimensional art works and keeping the other artist involved mostly fine art also.  Since I have branched out into functional artwork and crafts I have began to reach out to more artists of the same.

This spring I have a great line up.  ************

It starts with my good friend Niki Bilodeau who is doing some beautiful etched glass.  She does Pyrex bowls, pint glasses and beautiful artful bottles.  She made personalized toasting glasses for Bryan and me at our wedding.  Much love Niki.

Rashel Inderbitzen will be showing with us also.  She will be featuring decoupage and embellished boxes of all sizes and use.  Her boxes are all upcycled and vary from recipe boxes, wine boxes, jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes and more.

Next up is Carrie Abbey-Franzen who will be featuring handmade beaded jewelry.  I bought a necklace form her back when we had botany together at South Puget Sound Community College.  I am very glad that we have reconnected and become friends since then!  Carrie will also have her beautiful nature photography at spring arts walk. 

Brenna Woslum will be showing with us also.  From what I understand Brenna spins her own wool, dyes her own wool and then knits it into some beautiful warm accessories.  I am involved in a craft exchange with Brenna and this excites me.

Hallie Torrey will be joining us for Spring Arts Walk also.  I have been admiring Hallie’s watercolors on her Etsy page for quite some time.  She has beautiful whimsical paintings.  I’ve even used some of her items in a Treasury.  When I found out I’d be doing Arts Walk again I contacted her with an invitation to join us.  I met with Hallie in person down at the Spar, because sometimes this whole “online relationship” just doesn’t cut the cheese.  I was thrilled to meet Hallie and I think it’s a beginning to great things. 

I met Kaisa Williams and her honey Jordan Blaylock in the same fashion.  I love their vintage items on Etsy and have also used them in a Treasury.   For Arts Walk I’m interested in their spectacular handmade book safes and the adorable jewelry.  I was happy to meet with them just this weekend over coffee down at Baddorf.  I have made a great choice inviting them to join us and look forward to working with them.  I do want to give them a giant public “THANK YOU” for their generous gift.  : )   it made my month!!

There is one more artist who is considering showing with us.  She is unsure if she will be able to commit and follow through.  I am doing everything in my power to persuade her without being the pushy pesky person that I’m so good at being sometimes.    

I think we have a GREAT line-up.  We could use one more visual artist, or acoustic performer, or perhaps a craft station.   These are all ideas to consider.  Hmmmm…

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  1. I realize I never listed my own work. I will be showing a variety of my handmade clocks as expected.
    I will also have a collection of prints that I am currently working on.
    I also have some watercolor paintings never shown before. I'm working on presenting these paintings in an unusual way.