Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Crafting Night

Last year I started to feel disconnected from the ladies in my life I call friends.  So I took it upon myself to make sure we got together every now and then.  I began to have a pedicure night once a month.  Now this will come as a surprise to those who know me well.  Before last year I had never had my toes or my fingers done up, but I discovered it was a fun activity to do with the girls. 

So I would make food, kick the guys out and have a night with the gals.

With Valentines coming up, I wanted to do something cheesy, fun and crafty.  So we had a Valentine craft night. 

I don't know why this wont load normal

The girls were amazed by my collection of papers and supplies.  I have been collecting craft and art supplies since I was a child.  And my four years working at a fine art store added depth to my collection that amazed even those who already knew my collection.  Then when Carrie showed up with her giant book of scrap booking paper she got for only $2 the collection of crafts was complete.

Everyone had such a blast.  I wish I would have taken pictures the actual night.  I think my favorite was Ruby’s leg card.  Oh it was sexy, I wonder if her honey is going to be the lucky recipient of that card?  Our puppy Sailor had a great time eating every colorful scrap that hit the ground.  Confetti poop anyone? 

We all agreed that this was much more fun than painting our toes.  Although it creates a little more work for me, I agree, and am already scheming up more craft night ideas.  Any ideas you might have?

Next time I’ll remember to take lots pictures.  

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