Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Start to Finish - Reduction Linoleum Print

I took a week off of work in January to carve and print a block.  It went well.  I ended up with 24 prints of which possibly 16 are clean and usable. 

I have a baby press by Jack Richeson I picked up many years ago for a pretty penny.  It was well worth it.  Although I still struggle with registration it makes the printing process so much faster.

I use to hand press each print which resulted in uneven pressure and ink distribution.  Now my prints are pretty uniform in the ink distribution, as long as I am meticulous with applying ink evenly.    

This print was a drawing I did a year ago and then put away.  The original plan for the drawing was to paint with acrylic on canvas but I never got around to it.  Last month I got an incredible urge to carve a block.  I found this drawing, and the rest is history.

It has been many years since I’ve done a reduction print.  In fact “The Rhythm that Moves” was the last reduction print I did in 2005. 

I have yet to give a name to the print I just did.  It took me most of the working hours of the week I took off work.  I love carving, but it sure does make my neck hurt. 

This print measures 9x12 and is carved on mounted linoleum.  I printed on BFK Rives 250 paper.  Quality paper makes the world of difference.  

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