Friday, February 18, 2011

Easel Clocks

Years ago someone gave me a small kid’s acrylic set for Christmas.  It came with a tiny easel, a couple tiny canvases, and small tubes of kid grade acrylic paint.  There were a few brushes included and a little tote bag.  Needles to say this little kit sat around my studio collecting dust.  I thought about giving it to one of my nieces but never got to it.  When I started making clocks I began using all sorts of materials that I had been collecting, including this random kit.
This clock is sitting in a box somewhere

I never sold the full size clock pictured above.  Everyone thinks it’s cute, including me, but not cute enough to put on a wall.  It has become one of my seconds and I might try to get rid of it at the artist garage sale this year.

The cheep brushes that came with the little kit were what I used on the first Artist Pallet Clock.  It was a great stumble upon move and now I collect all the cheep brushes I find just for these clocks.
One of my favorite designs

Then I decided to make a clock out of the mini easel.  What I created, I fell in love with.  And so did many others, but I’ve only had the one prototype that I put up at shows for advertising.  I have recently come across more easels and am now in the process of creating these cute desktop clocks.  I am excited about this new line and have some treasure ideas for designs. 

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  1. Just perfect for the sure you'll do well with these...