Monday, February 28, 2011

Mt. Hood

this is an amazing Christmas cactus that will NOT quit blooming!

It's been a snowy weekend.  Starting with last Thursday and Friday when it dumped 6inches in Olympia and canceled work and schools all around town.  So I got a chance to stay home and help my husband rearrange his plants in my studio.  (We constantly butt heads about the plants in the studio, if he had his way it would be a green house not a studio, haha, I might be exaggerating)
Snow in our back yard (and a deep fryer for those random turkeys and chickens)
studio plants
On Friday we headed to Portland to escape the snow for a day and visit friends.  On Saturday our friends and us piled into a car and went to find more snow in the Hood River/White Salmon Gorge area.  We stayed at the Inn at White Salmon and went on an exciting snowshoe adventure with dangerous Dave up on Mt. Hood.  It was my first snowshoeing experience and was such a pleasure to have an enjoyable guide.  That and the old school bus converted with giant 4x wheels was a feeling of safety traveling snow and ice packed roads.

One of the friends who came with us is a photographer and took some great shots of the frozen water falls and fresh powder.  When I get some of those pics I’ll have to post. 
No art to report for this last weekend, just some recreational fun with my husband and our good friends.

There is a little cafe/coffee shop called Ground where we ate breakfast in White Salmon.  This was hanging from the ceiling and I fell in love with it.

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