Thursday, February 17, 2011


I’m in the middle of several projects right now.  I've got new lighting for the studio that has not been hung.  I have an internet cord that has to be run under the house.  I have a block print that needs one more color.  I have all the material I need to build a registration box.  I have a dry point plate that I’m almost done with but sits idle on my bench.  As always I have about a dozen clocks in various stages of completion.  And I have a craft night this weekend to prepare for.

On top of all this I have been preparing the studio for a new piece of equipment.  I have invested in a die cutter for various applications I will be playing with in the future.  I’m very excited about it and the machine arrived two days ago.  I spent Tuesday night getting my computer up to date with software and connecting it to the machine.  All to no avail!  The machine was DOA!  Dead On Arrival!!
The dead piece of machinery and my late night dinner.

As frustrating as this all is I have to give a big Kudos to the customer support.  His name is Chad and he has been helpful from the first time I called as a potential customer with tons of questions.
I had to get up at 5am yesterday to get him on the phone since he is located in Florida.  The kicker is, when I got up in the morning and turned the machine on, IT WORKED!  But I called anyways because I wanted to know why it wasn’t working the night before.

I talked to Chad for quite awhile yesterday morning about other technical questions I had and about blades.  He had told me that if the machine acted up again AT ALL to call him right away and he would send me a brand new one, even though I had purchased a refurbished machine.  And guess what, it acted up while I was on the phone with him!

So I have it all packed up and it sits waiting for the FedEx carrier to pick it up.  My plans are not foiled, just delayed for a week.  At least I have the software now so I can get a jump start on the learning curve.   

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